E-Verify Policy
Vendors Under Contract - E-Verify
Uncollectable Accounts
Site Selection
Risk Assessment
Records Retention
Fund Balance
Fixed Assets and Inventory Control
Disposition of Surplus or Withdrawn Library Information Materials
Disposition of Surplus Furniture and Equipment
Collection Development
Patron Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials
Worker's Compensation Benefits
Work Week
Work Site Assignment
Weather or Emergency Closings
United Way of Hall County
Tobacco Use
Time Sheets
Telephone Calls and Other Communications Activity
Staff Purchase of Surplus Library Property
Staff Parking
Staff Development
Solicitation, Sales, Polling or Political Campaigning
Six Month Work Test Period
Sick Leave
Sexual Harassment
Separation from Service
Retirement Benefits
Responsibilities for Service to Library Patrons
Reinstatement of Employee Benefits
Reading on the Job
Qualifications for Professional Librarians and State Paid Positions
Professional Activities
Proctoring Examinations and Tests
Personnel Reference Requests
Personnel Records
Personal Use of Library Services
Performance Reviews
Pay Schedule
Outside Employment
Open Door Policy
Military Leave
Maternity Leave
Long Term Disability Insurance Benefit
Leave Without Pay and Absence Without Leave
Leave Benefits
Leave Bank
Layoff and Recall
Jury Duty
Hours of Work
Holiday Schedule
Hiring Practices
Grievances From Employees
Grievances Against Employees
Gifts and Gratuities
Georgia Merit System Benefits
General Housekeeping Duties
Garnishments of Payroll
Family Leave
Equal Opportunity Employment
Employment of Non-United States Citizens
Employee Travel Policy
Employee Security and Safety Screening
Employee Lunch and Break Schedule
Employee Assistance Program
Emergency Bereavement Leave
Education Leave
Drug Free Workplace
Discount Book and Media Purchases
Disclosure of Confidential Information
Disclosing of Conflicts of Interest
Disciplinary Action of Employee
Disability of an Employee
Death of an Employee
Credit Union
Credit Inquiries
Compensatory Time
Civic and Political Activity
Check Cashing for Employees and Patrons
Changes of Name, Address, Marital Status, or Beneficiary
Change in Ability to Carry Out Job Assignment
Blood Drives and Donations
Birthday Holiday
Appropriate Appearance and Dress
Age Criteria for Employment
Appointments to Positions
Annual Leave
Meeting Room Policy
Public Use Equipment
Damage to Patron Equipment
Use of Library Buildings
Tobacco Use
Telefacsimile Service
Returning Library Materials After Hours
Public Records Information Requests
Public Conduct
Photocopies and Computer Generated Prints
Patron Grievances
Overdue, Lost, or Damaged Library Materials
Place a Hold
Non-Circulating Library Materials
Monetary Transactions with Patrons
Library System Service Area
Library System Hours of Operation
Library Patron Registration System - PINES
Internet Access and Computer Use
Interlibrary Loan
Exhibits and Public Information Notices
Corporate Library Card - PINES
Confidentiality of Library Patron Records
Circulation Borrowing Periods and Limitations - PINES
Children Left in Library
Book Hold Requests - PINES
Basic Library Services and User Fee Services
Access to Library Materials