I.j. Leave Bank

Approved by:
Board of Trustees




Revised Date:


12-15-09 09/20/11

All fulltime library staff members may participate in the employee leave bank. This bank should not be considered a substitute for accumulated leave but as a supplement to accumulated leave in the event an employee or employee family member experiences an extended illness or catastrophic accident. Employees who have been unable to accumulate any sick or annual leave are not eligible to withdraw from the bank. An employee must use all accumulated annual or sick leave before withdrawing from the bank.

In January of each year, employees are offered the opportunity to enroll in the leave bank for that year. Participants must contribute a minimum of one day annually to retain their membership. In order to request leave days from the bank, employees must have made an annual contribution. Should the bank become low during the course of a year, the library will offer a second enrollment period in July. New employees will be offered the chance to enroll upon completion of their six month working test period if it comes before the first enrollment period following their hire date.

Employees may donate a maximum of three days of annual or sick leave, or any combination thereof, per year. Donations and withdrawals are done in 8 hour/work day increments. Withdrawals are limited to a maximum of one month per employee per annual year. A minimum of three days absence is necessary to qualify for withdrawal.

Employees may not use banked leave if receivingshort or long term disability insurance. Employees will not accrue sick or annual leave while using time from the leave bank. The employee leave bank is not intended to cover all types of absences for which an employee has insufficient leave. Criteria for using banked leave should fall within the guidelines set by the Family and Medical Leave Act. Requests should be made in writing by the requesting employee, accompanied by a doctor’s explanation, and submitted to the Human Resources department, which will verify the employee’s eligibility. Human Resources will then submit a recommendation to the Library Director for approval.