How to Place a Hold 

3 Ways to Request a Book (place a hold)

  1. You may place a hold (request that an item is sent to your branch) through the PINES Library Catalog    OR...
  2. Let us browse the Hall County Library collection for you. Fill out the Browse For Me form and let us place your holds. OR...
  3. Call the Library Helpline Monday-Thursday, 9-5 or Friday and Saturday 9-4 at 770-532-3311 and speak to a librarian about ordering your reading materials.

Where will it be sent?

Your library account is associated with your home branch. This is where your holds will be sent. You must confirm or change your location preference on your PINES Account. Log in to your account and select the Account Preferences tab. Click here and set your location BEFORE placing holds. Change your pick-up location to Blackshear Place Branch (Oakwood next to Johnson High), Gainesville Library (downtown Gainesville), Murrayville Library (behind Lanier Elementary), or Spout Springs Library (at the entrance of Sterling on the Lake), North Hall Tech Center (located inside the North Hall Community Center).

  • You will need a Hall County Library Card that is in good standing to place holds. 
  • Library staff members will fill your request. We will email, text, or call you when items have arrived. (Staff will use the contact information on file with your PINES Library card account. Please make sure your contact information is up to date; please call us if you need assistance). 
  • Holds will be held for 14 days.

What items can I put on hold?

  • Up to ten items per card, per pick-up appointment.
  • Only books, DVDs, audiobooks, and CDs are available for curbside service. Specialty items such as Museum/Zoo/Park passes, newspapers, magazines, STEM Kits, reference materials, etc. are not available for curbside service.

How to Pick Up a Hold

  • When you receive a notice that your hold has been fulfilled, make an online appointment to pick it up. Click here to make your appointment  or call 770-532-3311, Monday-Thursday, 9-5 or Friday and Saturday 9-4 at 770-532-3311.

    Where will it be sent?

    Make your appointment at the library branch your materials were sent to as specified in your PINES account preferences (see "Where will it be sent?" above).
  • At your appointment date and time, pull into the designated curbside spot.

  • Call the number on the sign* and give your name, library card number, and description of your vehicle to the staff member. We will check out your items and package them. We will then open the door and put the package on the table.

    • If you do not have a cell phone to call from the parking lot, please call us before you leave for your appointment to let us know your library card and vehicle description.

  • WAIT FOR the staff member to give you a thumbs up and return to the building. NOW you may exit your vehicle and collect your bag.

    • If you have mobility issues inform us when you arrive and open your trunk. We will place the package in your trunk.
    • If it is raining, tables will be moved to inside the library lobby.
    • If extreme weather occurs, the library system will suspend curbside service. Staff will call patrons affected to reschedule pick up.
Please do not approach staff members as we are maintaining social distancing.
Remain in your vehicle until the staff member has returned to the building.
DO NOT return items to staff. Return your items to the book drops or the return container provided.

*When you arrive at your branch, call this number:

Gainesville: 770-532-3311 x28721

Spout Springs: 770-532-3311 x28722

Blackshear Place: 770-532-3311 x28723

Murrayville: 770-532-3311 x28724

North Hall: 770-532-3311 x28725

We can not receive book donations at this time.
At curbside, staff cannot handle patron account services (ie: fines, expired cards, new cards, etc.).
Please call the library helpline for these services: 770-532-3311 or email

Hall County Library System provides curbside printing services.

Printing costs 20 cents per page.

Please email the documents you want to have printed to along with your valid Hall County Library Card number. When you receive a notice that your print jobs are ready, follow the instructions for curbside pick-up. Print job pick-up follows the same procedure as for the pick-up of library materials. Staff will place your print jobs on an outside table. Your library card will be charged for your print jobs. 

Frequently Asked Questions
About the Hall County Library and COVID-19

Why are you only doing curbside and appointment service again? 
  Much like the rest of our community, COVID-19 exposures leading to illness and quarantine have been very high among our staff.  We have also had a number of resignations – working in a public building during a pandemic is not the right choice for many people.  While we are certainly concerned about the safety of our staff and community, our biggest concern right now is having enough staff available to offer basic services to the best of our ability.

I like to browse and I don’t know what I want to read to place holds on items.  What can I do?  Our staff is available at 770-532-3311 Monday-Thursday, 9-5, and Friday and Saturday 9-4 to talk you through making some good choices.  We can place the holds and make your appointment at the same time.  You can also browse our new books from the front page of the PINES catalog.

Many great books can be browsed and checked out online using Hoopla or Libby.  If you need a card, you can apply here

We also have browsing forms you can fill out on our website. These will give our staff some guidance to select your next great reads for you.  

What services are available by appointment?   Public computer access, genealogy research, proctoring, notary, and passport acceptance.

Will AARP be available to do tax preparation at the library this year? COVID-19 restrictions do not allow large groups to gather so all AARP services will be by appointment only. Please check our web page for current info:AARP TAX_Aide at the Library

Why are your meeting rooms closed, and programming only virtual? COVID-19 restrictions do not allow large groups to gather.  Since it would be difficult to control the size of this type of gathering, we will wait until it is safe to offer in-person services.

Why are your study rooms closed?  The small enclosed nature of study rooms does not allow for good air circulation, a huge concern in the COVID era.  In addition, many of our branches are using those spaces to quarantine just returned materials for the safety of our users.

How do I apply for a card online?   If you need a library card, you can apply here

How do I return my books?  Are book drops open?  Yes, we would appreciate your returning items at the book drops located outside each library branch.  You can return any PINES item to any book drop in Hall County no matter the checkout location.  Our book drops are open 24/7.

What if I need to pay a late fee? You may call staff to pay by phone or you can pay online through the PINES catalog.  Remember your card will not be impacted until fees reach $10+.

My card expired!  What do I do? Contact staff at 770-532-3311 Monday-Thursday, 9-5, and Friday and Saturday 9-4, or to temporarily renew your card via phone or email.

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