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Meeting Room Request

Read our revised Meeting Room Policy for new rules and conditions.

Contact Information
Group Information

If you represent a business, only staff meetings and staff training are allowed. Meeting rooms cannot be used for commercial, sales or promotional purposes.

Meeting Location and Requirements
Setting Up/Catering

The library does not provide set-up or take-down of meeting rooms. Please request sufficient time to set up the meeting room and return it to its original condition after your meeting. If you are unable to set up the room, the library may provide set-up for a minimal fee.

For events with fewer than 50 chairs/10 tables, there is a $25 fee for set-up and an additional $25 fee for take-down.

For events with more than 50 chairs/10 tables, there is a $50 fee for set-up and an additional $50 fee for take-down.

After Hours

Blackshear Place, Murrayville, and Spout Springs are available for use outside of business hours. Payment is $35/hour with a 2-hour minimum. Parts of hours are counted as whole hours. Payment beyond the ($70.00) 2-hour minimum will be $35 for each extra hour.

  • Payment is due 10 days prior to the event. Payment may be made by check, payable to Hall County Library System. Credit card payments will be accepted at any library branch or by telephone at 770-532-3311 ext.110.
  • Fees are not refundable if cancellation is made within 2 business days of the event.


I, the above named Contact, hereby affirm that I am an authorized representative of the above named civic group, cultural group, Government agency, non-profit group, or business. I assert that the meeting room will be used for non-commercial, non-promotional purposes. I confirm that I have read the Hall County Library System’s meeting room usage policy, and the proposed use of the room is in accordance with these policies. I further confirm that there will be no exchange, buying, selling, solicitation, or promotion of goods or services with the intent of financial gain by myself, attendees of the meeting, or the entity I represent.

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