Performance Reviews

Approved by:
Board of Trustees

Revised Date:


The first performance review for a permanent employee will be conducted at the end of the first six months from start date and then annually during anniversary month by the employee’s immediate supervisor. If the review is unacceptable then it will be performed quarterly in the following six months. Two consecutive unacceptable ratings are cause for immediate dismissal.

A. Purpose

• To ensure that employee’s performance meets job description standards.
• To provide opportunities for an employee’s personal and professional growth.
• To identify an employee’s strengths and problems.
• To develop an employee’s objectives for job performance.
• To communicate administrative expectations for appropriate job performance.
• To reinforce an employee’s strengths.

B. Procedure

The supervisor/designated authority:

• Schedules meetings with the employee who is to receive a performance review.
• Appraises the employee’s performance based on the submitted performance review forms and relevant job descriptions.
• Discusses the employee’s performance review with the employee.
• Assists the employee in identifying his/her strengths and problems.
• Assists the employee in assessing progress toward his/her career objectives.
• Communicates to the employee administrative expectations for appropriate job performance.
• Gives positive reinforcement to employee strengths.
• Documents discussion with employee regarding his/her job performance on performance review forms.
• Obtains the employee’s signature on the completed Performance review form.

Supervisor submits the completed performance review to the library director. A copy of the completed performance form is provided to the employee. The performance review is filed in the employee’s personnel record.

Within ten days of the completion of a performance review, the employee may request in writing the library director reconsider the performance review. Within ten days of the completion of the library director’s reconsideration and response, the employee may request in writing that the Hall County Library Board of Trustees reconsider the performance appraisal and library director’s response. The review by the Library Board will be considered final.

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