Exhibits and Public Information Notices

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Board of Trustees




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The Hall County Library System may make space available for art, crafts and other displays which are determined to be of interest or concern to the public or related to library service, operation, and resources. Exhibits and displays are developed and supervised by library personnel. Assistance from the public may be sought in developing exhibits and displays. 

Equal opportunity to exhibit is extended to all Hall County residents. Art and crafts exhibits will be considered in regard to artistic expression, subject, style, medium, intended audience, community relevance, genre, and ease of installation. A community standard may be applied due to the diverse age range served by the Library.


Artists will be selected at the discretion of the Gallery Committee with final approval from library administration. Artists under the age of 18 must have an adult or organizational sponsor for their exhibit. Selections will be made regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of those applying. Selections may be based on current programs, community events, special themes, or other considerations of the library’s operation.


A library staff member will represent the Gallery Committee when working with the exhibitor regarding announcements, press releases, publicity, and promotions. Library administration must review all publicity before it is released.


Artists may be requested to submit print or digital photographs or examples of their work to the Gallery Committee. The resulting exhibit will consist of the artist’s original work and be representative of the items accepted by the Committee. If prints of the artist’s work are included they should be labeled as such. Reproductions or copies of masters or of widely circulated photographs or prints are not acceptable. The Gallery Committee and the Library Director reserve the right to excuse pieces from display they may deem inappropriate.

Exhibits and displays are subject to space availability, library schedule of activities, appropriate security, staff time, and appropriate display equipment. The library will not display commercial




products or items for sale by individuals or by organizations not directly associated with the library system. The library’s need for exhibit space takes precedence over public requests to use Gallery space. The library may cancel without notice the use of Gallery space should the Director determine the space is needed for library purposes.

Individuals or groups wishing to suggest or request exhibit or display space should complete the 
exhibit request form available online or at the circulation desk in each branch. This signed application and a list of items to be displayed must be submitted prior to the set-up of the exhibit.

The artist will coordinate with the Branch Manager or Gallery Committee in placing the artwork. Placement must be completed by the date assigned and at least 24 hours prior to a planned opening. The exhibit time shall not exceed 60 days. Exhibits must conform to the designated space and be securely affixed to display surfaces. Artwork must be appropriately framed with hardware for hanging. No tape, labels, tacks, or adhesives may be used on walls.


All exhibits must be set up and removed on the assigned dates. Should an artist wish to remove artwork before the allotted time they must make arrangements with the library staff contact. Library staff is not responsible for damage to or proper storage of exhibited items if library staff is required to dismantle a display because the exhibitor has not removed it on time.


Prices may not be affixed directly to items. The artist(s) should provide an information sheet to library staff to be distributed upon request which will include their name, contact information, descriptions of the works, and price. Any sales transactions inside the library will be between the Friends of the Hall County Library and the artist and will follow the Friends standard agreement for their Shoppes. A sold item shall not be removed from the display before the exhibit’s closing date unless an acceptable replacement is provided.

The library system is not obligated to provide the general public announcement and advertisement space. Public information notices will be displayed by library personnel. Size and format of the notices may be limited to those that can be reasonably accommodated by library display areas. These may include announcements of government services, non-profit agencies, and other non-commercial, non-profit, non-political groups and civic organizations. All other announcements are prohibited.










Hall County Library System

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Agreement to Exhibit

Name of Organization:_______________________________________________________

Name ofApplicant:__________________________________________________________



Phone Number _________________________________________________________

Dates Requested:_______________________________2nd choice:_____________________

Description of Exhibit:_________________________________________________________



I, the undersigned, acting as ¨ an individual or ¨ an agent of the named organization, have read the Library Art Gallery Exhibit Policy and agree to follow its rules. If items placed on exhibit are for sale I agree to follow the rules of the Friends of the Hall County library System or their designate.

Furthermore, I understand that:

  • exhibit dates will be assigned subject to availability and library programming;
  • the exhibitor is responsible for the installation and dismantling of display items as scheduled, and will furnish approved hardware for hanging art and approved labels for items;
  • if library staff is forced to dismantle a display because the exhibitor has not removed it on time, the Library is not responsible for damage to, or proper storage of, exhibited items;
  • sales transactions within the Library will be the responsibility of the Friends of the Hall County Library System or its designated representative;
  • The Library has my permission to use biographical information I have provided and photographs of my artwork in promoting the exhibit.




For Library Use Only—Reason for Approving or Not Approving Exhibit






Signature of Gallery Committee member or Library Director

Exhibition Dates:________________________________________________________________

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