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All potential gifts to the library system must be reviewed to ensure compatibility of the donor’s wishes and the library system’s needs. Occasionally, it will be necessary for the library system to decline the opportunity for a potential gift. This will allow the donor to present the gift to an institution whose needs are more closely aligned with the intent of the gift. Placement of any donated item, especially circulating materials, will be at the discretion of the collection development team. The library system will consider such gifts as books and other materials, securities, real property, works of art, equipment, furnishings, facilities, and other items in addition to monetary donations. Donations of used VCR tapes, textbooks, and magazines are not accepted. The library system reserves the right to convert gifts into more effective assets or resources rather than to utilize them in the form received. In all cases, the cost of maintaining the gift in the system will be included in consideration of the acceptance of the gift. Material deemed unsuitable or unnecessary will not be returned to the original donor but may be donated to the Friends of Hall County Library for sale to raise additional funds. For the protection of the donor and the library system, the responsibility of obtaining any appraisals as to the value of the gift to the library system shall remain with the donor.

The wishes of donors will provide guidance as to the manner of acknowledgement of gifts to the library system and recognition of benefactors. Appropriateness in such matters will be a continuing goal of the library system. Bookplates and other recognition plates or acknowledgements will be handled by the library system. Due to the large quantities received, used book and audiovisual donations added to the collection will not be plated.



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