Patron Grievances

Approved by:
Board of Trustees




Revised Date:




Complaints or grievances from patrons regarding library system personnel, operations, regulations and procedures, other patrons, and other service issues should be filled out by the patron on the Patron Grievance Documentation Form and sent to the library system Director.


A staff member or supervisor should first attempt to resolve a patron complaint. The staff member should not offer an opinion or comment about the issue. The staff member should offer the patron a copy of the "Patron Grievance Form" and this policy if the issue cannot be resolved.


Requests for reconsideration of library materials are addressed under the system’s "Collection Development Policy" and not through this procedure. Patrons should be directed to that policy and procedure when materials reconsideration issues are to be addressed.


Response and resolution of grievances will be handled by the library director. A written notification of the response and resolution will be provided to the patron who filed the grievance. If the patron is not satisfied with the resolution, a written appeal may be presented to the library board of trustees for action at the next scheduled library board meeting.


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