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Ethical Obligations

Ethical Obligations of Board Members-Hall County Library System
adopted 09/20/2011

Confidentiality of Information

Board members, even after they complete board service, will not use patron lists or other confidential information acquired by virtue of being a member of the board.


Members of the Hall County Library Board must never offer, give, solicit or receive any form of bribe or kickback through their connection to the library system.  This restriction applies to both actual and proposed business transactions.
Conflicts of Interests

Board members have a duty to subordinate personal interests to the welfare of Hall County Library and those we serve.  Conflicting interests can be financial, personal relationships, status or power.

Board members are prohibited from receiving gifts, fees, loans, or favors from suppliers, contractors, consultants, or financial agencies, which obligate or induce the board member to compromise responsibilities with the best interest of the Hall County Library.

Board members are prohibited from knowingly using their position to the detriment of the Hall County Library.

Board members may not have a significant financial interest in any property which the Hall County Library purchases, or a direct or indirect interest in a supplier, contractor, consultant or other entity with which the Hall County Library does business. 

Since it is not possible to write a policy that covers all potential conflicts, board members are expected to be alert for and avoid situations which might be construed as conflicts of interests.

Any possible conflict of interests on the part of any board member should be disclosed to the other board members and made a matter of record, either through an annual procedure or when the interest becomes a matter of board action.

Any board member having a conflict of interest or possible conflict of interests should not vote or use his/her personal influence on the matter.  The minutes of the meeting should reflect that a disclosure was made and the abstention from voting.

These restrictions should not be construed as preventing the board member from briefly stating his/her position in the matter, nor from answering pertinent questions of other board members, since his or her knowledge could be of assistance to the deliberations.

Political Activity

Members of the Hall County Library Board must never make any political contributions, direct or indirect, on behalf of the library system.  If a board member takes an active part in the political process, it must be done at the board member's personal expense.  The Hall County Library will not reimburse anyone for a political contribution.