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Summer Reading Program
Do I have a Beanstack account?
If you signed up for our Summer Reading program in the past you most likely already have a Beanstack account! 

If you’ve already created a Beanstack account for a previous summer or the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program with HCLS, please use your existing account. Reset your password if you do not remember it.

How to sign up for Beanstack?
If you’re new to Beanstack, select “Register an Individual or Family” and follow the prompts to set up your account! Parents and caregivers will create their own accounts, then create and manage reading accounts for their children by clicking the arrow next to their name in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and then selecting “Add a Reader.”
Adults reading on their own should register themselves as an Individual. Please make sure you register by saying you’re reading with the Hall County Library System and not as an “Independent Reader.”
How do points work on Beanstack?
Starting May 22, begin recording your reading and activities:
Log into your Beanstack account through In the upper left, select Log Reading and Activities. Select the correct participant from the menu. Choose the appropriate log type for their age.

Babies through preschoolers will log the BOOKS they read. Earn 10 points for each picture book read. Read a book as many times as you like! You will receive points if you log the same book more than once.

Elementary school children through adults will log the MINUTES they read. Enter the amount of time spent reading. Earn one point for every minute read! PLUS earn points and badges for activity challenges and using library services. 
Click “Log Activities,” record the items you’ve completed and click “Close” to return to the home screen.
To view all your badges, points etc, use the tabs at the top of the pages. 

Beanstack will remind you to visit the library when you earn prizes. Prizes may be claimed at the library between June 1 and August 3, while supplies last.
Earning prizes - youth
Library Insider - Summer Edition - Copy
Earning prizes - adult
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When can I sign up and start logging my books?
Summer Reading starts on May 22, the last day of school for the Gainesville City School System. Any reading done between May 22 and August 3 counts towards your SRP goals. You can sign up for the program and begin logging your reading on May 22, 2024. 
Where can I get a Beanstack account to log my books or minutes this summer?
You can register right here, or come into one of the libraries and register in person or get the Beanstack Tracker App for iPhone or Android devices and register as a reader who is participating in summer reading through the Hall County Library System. 
Do I have to be a parent to sign a child up for summer reading?
No. Grandparents, babysitters and other caregivers are welcome to register the children in their care for the summer reading program.
I am an adult! I am not in school. What do I put in that registration field when I sign up?
In the School area on the registration form, you can search for Adult instead of putting in a school. We also have baby, toddler and preschool as school options. We have tried to list all Hall County elementary, middle and high schools on the list though. Homeschool is a category too if you are part of a homeschool family or co-op. If the child goes to school outside Hall County, please select Other. 
Do I register my child in the grade they just completed or the one they are going to next year?
Please register your child for the grade they will be entering next year. The preschool program is for children from birth to age 4. The elementary program is for 5-10 year olds. The teen program is for 11-18 year olds. The adult program is for people who are 18 and older.  
Do I have to have a library card to participate?
No, although we do recommend you get a PINES library card so that you can take advantage of all the benefits that come with being able to check out books, movies and Adventure Passes from your library!
Tracking books seems like a lot of work! Do I have to put in so much information - title, author etc -  about the books I'm reading (or my kids are reading?)
No! If you don't need to have a list of all the books your child read at the end of the summer, you can simply record the number of books you read each week for babies through preschoolers or the number of minutes read each week for your elementary children through adults. And, if you miss a week, you can go back and backdate your log as well!
Also, if your preschool child is registered for the Summer Reading Program and also 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, your books will be automatically logged for both reading programs at once!
How many Grand Prize Raffle Entries can I earn?
Both children and adults can earn up to 5 raffle tickets each summer. Babies through high school students receive one online raffle entry for every 500 points they earn. Adults earn an online raffle entry for every 120 points they earn. You can use all five tickets on one raffle, or place your tickets into a variety of raffles. Please be sure to use your raffle tickets to enter the online raffles of your choice by August 3.
Why do I need a ticket to see a performer?
Space is limited at all our Hall County Library branches for these great free events. To ensure we honor the fire code and don't make people wait in line when there is no space left in our meeting rooms, we give tickets out to our big performances 30 minutes in advance of a show. Every person in your party will need a ticket, even babies. Tickets will only be given to people who are present so please plan to come 30 minutes before a show. We almost always run out!  
I want to sign my child up for a library program that requires registration. When can I register?
For most youth summer programs registration will open two weeks in advance of when the event occurs on the online events calendar.